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Yard Art Projects

If you are looking for a creative and fun way to decorate your yard, then Yard Art patterns are for you. Whether you want to add Yard Art to your lawn for the holidays or all year round, we offer patterns that will meet your needs. Our Yard Art patterns help you decorate your lawn, so you will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Yard Art pattern #593-Yard Art full-size, trace-on patterns are simple and easy, do-it-yourself patterns that include easy to follow instructions, a list of tools and supplies needed and a color picture or photo as a guide. Yard Art patterns include holiday, non-seasonal and lawn and garden. Some patterns can be used together with other patterns to create a scene while some patterns stand alone. Choose from our many patterns to create a scene for your lawn. Creating Yard Art patterns is enjoyable for people of all ages and provides hours of fun and creativity. It is a great project for your entire family to complete together and enjoy your finished project for years. Create the family tradition of adding a new pattern to your holiday scene every year.

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Yard Art Tools and Supplies

Yard Art pattern #593-

The tools and supplies needed to complete your project are as follows:

  • Jig saw/scroll saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Medium or fine grade sandpaper
  • inch or inch AC or BC plywood to fit your pattern
  • Paint brushes
  • White exterior primer (oil base or latex)
  • Permanent waterproof felt point pen
  • Acrylic paints of your choice or exterior glass enamel
  • Black gloss paint marker
  • Water-base varnish (optional)
  • Wood putty

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How to Use a Yard Art Pattern

Using a Yard Art pattern is simple and easy to do. A list of easy to follow, detailed instructions is included with your pattern. To see how simple our patterns are to work with, review these basic steps.

Your first step is to place your Yard Art pattern over the plywood and trace only the outside edges of the pattern onto the plywood. Then you will cut out the pattern using a jig saw or scroll saw. Be sure to wear goggles and use proper safety techniques when using your jig or scroll saw. Fill in any grooves with wood putty and sand the plywood especially the edges until it is smooth. Paint both sides of your cut-out using primer and let dry. Next, you will replace the pattern over the cut-out and trace the details of the pattern onto the plywood. Go over the detail trace lines with a permanent, waterproof felt point pen to make painting the details easier. Paint your pattern using the picture on the package as a guide. Use a black gloss paint marker to outline the cut-out to define details and give a finished look to the design. You can seal your cut-out with a water-base varnish. One-half inch conduit pipe with one-half inch conduit straps to attach the pipe to the cut-out work well to stand the cut-out in your yard. It is as simple as that to create your own Yard Art project.

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